Soap Boxes, Fibre and Facebook Live

In 2017, Burghfield, a small village outside of Reading, hosted it’s first ever Box Kart Bash. With the main public road shut over 6,000 locals lined the streets to watch the wackiest of karts speed down Hermits Hill.


Thousands more watched via Facebook live, thanks to our Fibre and RF networks, installed across the 1.5km course. Track side we laid 2km of 4 channel single mode fibre to carry AV feeds from locked off, operated cameras and presenters at the top, middle and bottom of the course. Partnering with event PA organisers we embedded event only audio into spare channels to feed course side PA too, through the capacity of embedding 12 audio channels into each separate SDI feed.


Directed from an 8 channel OB van, the feed was compressed and converted ready for live streaming to Facebook, with a high speed WiFi link provided by a temporary antenna link to a nearby office. Cue action replays, graphics and lots of crashes! At RSMTV we can install fibre lines with up to 12 channels, creating a scaled and robust video network.


With cameras, OB vans and personnel we can handle the complete broadcast and AV needs for your event. Contact us to today to see how we can help you.

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