RC Saunders Limited – Covid-19 Secure Statement

RC Saunders Ltd stands with the nation to combat the ongoing pandemic. During this unprecedented time, we all need to adapt our way of working to ensure that we’re employing social distancing methods and adhering to The Government, Public Health England and The Chief Medical Officer’s guidelines and advice.

We provide services to keep front line businesses operating. Our hydraulic engineering and metal fabrication services ensure that farmers are able to keep supplying the national food chain, whilst our civil engineering keeps our community’s physical and naturally built environment safe, open and ready to support the country.

Conducting business

Alongside our Health and Safety at Work Policy, we’ll be implementing additional steps to keep employees, contractors, the public and our wider community safe.

  1. All our employees and contractors will follow Public Health England guidelines including, where possible, maintaining a 2 metre distance from others, and washing their hands with soap and water often for at least 20 seconds (or using hand sanitiser gel if soap and water is not available).
  2. Where we need to be in people’s homes, no work will be carried out in any household which is isolating or where an individual is being shielded, unless it is to remedy a direct risk to the safety of the household. It is noted that in such circumstances Public Health England can provide advice to RC Saunders Ltd and households.
  3. At all times, our employees and contractors will follow the guidance on self-isolation if they or anyone in their household shows symptoms.
  4. We will regularly clean our machinery, tools as well as all PPE equipment after use. All disposable PPE will be strictly single use, and disposed of responsibly after such use.
  5. When working in enclosed spaces, or in proximity to the general public, all employees will wear appropriate PPE including surgical grade 2 face masks. Training has been provided to all employees on the correct wearing and use of PPE.

Non-essential meetings

Where possible, we will conduct non-essential business meetings via telephone or video conferencing. This is to reduce contact between our workers and clients.

Our commitment

It’s critical that national front line services continue to operate, and that their place of business remains serviced and operational to support the country as required. Equally, it’s important that our community’s physical and naturally built environment remains safe, open for essential movement and can be flexibly adapted as required. RC Saunders Ltd stands committed to providing the services to allow this.

We will continue to monitor Government and Public Health England advice as this pandemic continues to evolve and, where needed, will implement additional measures to protect our workers, contractors and the general public.

Health and Safety at Work Policy

RC Saunders Ltd is proud to maintain an excellent health and safety record. All employees and contractors who work for/with RC Saunders Ltd are fully briefed about this policy. All plant and equipment provided and used by RC Saunders Ltd is checked regularly to maintain a high standard of safety. It is available to download on our website.